Did you know that 62% of clients not upsold in their first three months churn within two years?

  • A look at the art of upselling and how your brand can benefit from it
  • The acquisition and onboarding of new customers requires a great deal of resources, whereas converting an existing customer to a higher tier of service is almost pure profit
  • When your upsell approach matches the growing needs or pain points of your clients, it improves your ongoing relationship

As smartphone adoption has risen, so has texting, and marketers are now tapping into the power of SMS

  • To market effectively, you can’t just stick with what worked in the past; you have to use what works now
  • 70% of customers consider texting a good way for businesses to be in touch with them
  • Complying with the legal requirements for SMS is not really more difficult than complying with them for email, but consent is required

We all know the customer isn’t always right, but they are certainly never wrong

  • A look at the famous phrase and whether it is in fact right
  • Human beings can be correct and mistaken at the same time and by serving the majority of customers who act in good faith, businesses can position themselves to grow and thrive

In 2011, Coca-Cola created a cultural phenomenon with a simple marketing campaign

  • In an effort to revitalize the brand, the “Share a Coke” campaign was born and became one of the biggest and most recognizable personalization campaigns to date
  • The company’s personalization marketing efforts led to an entirely new revenue stream, and it all started with the most basic personal connection one can make: acknowledging another person’s name
  • Creating something that consumers are excited to show off and share can turn a campaign into a social phenomenon

When gathered strategically, customer feedback helps businesses improve satisfaction and retention

Push your influencer marketing forward with data

Showcase your brand’s value proactively by shifting your mindset from customer retention to customer success

As relationship marketing became a more tangible concept, the internet changed the industry forever

While there are many similarities between both groups, marketers need to understand how — and why — they differ

Millennials vs Zoomers

As with all generational groups, who counts as a millennial or a zoomer is defined by when they were born. The exact boundaries vary depending on the information source used, but generally speaking, the millennial era runs from 1980 to 1995, while Generation Z begins in 1996 and stretches into the mid-2000s. …

Pop the champagne, watch the ball drop, and get ready for a new year

Analyze 2020’s successes (and failures)

Let’s be real: no one wants to think about 2020 for a second longer than they have to. However…

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